Developing an international board of young reporters

Developing an international board of young reporters


Today, young people face 2 main challenges:

– they’re not attracted by formal participation patterns directing instead their energies towards local & int.l volunteering where they experiment a direct impact

– even if they are at the forefront in using digital tools for participatory and interacting scopes, on the other hand they receive most of their information about global issues exactly from social media being this way exposed to fake news and disinformation: only 8% declare they’re capable to analyze and compare data, (“Situation of young people in the European Union”,2017). Since they’re in a life period where they develop their personality, attitudes and critical thinking, it’s fundamental to allow them becoming free to develop their cultural and political orientation, prevent hate-speech and radicalization

A holistic approach to global citizenship education is therefore required to fill this gap through the jointed presence of:

– NGOs that bring specific know how about global issues and non-formal learning methods

– Communication Enterprises, especially social oriented ones, that bring an expertise about digital tools

The project offers training paths for teens coming from different continents, including:

  • experiential learning through local/international volunteering
  • Trainings for youth on news production, to prevent the risk of fake news manipulation focused on non-formal learning
  • Development of an International board of young reporters to create and upload an online magazine
  • Creation of peer to peer online trainings resources to multiply and transfer acquired knowledge

The project also foresees

  • 1 mobility for youth workers for the training of tutors and
  • 1 Transnational youth exchange that through training, volunteering and intercultural activities will allow teenagers to move from “cultural knowledge” to “cultural competence”, fundamental to be part of an international reporters board.

Project Goals:

  • To promote a multi-perspective approach in news production.
  • To favor acquisition of transversal and digital skills for youth, thus their employability.
  • To strengthen partnerships among schools, NGOs and social enterprises to offer integral formation paths.


35 teenagers

aged 13-18 and 20 youth workers

35 teenagers

aged 13-18 and 20 youth workers



Mobility of youth workers

  • 02 to 07 January 2020

  • Trent – Italy

Participants 1 representative of each partner
Language Italiano
Responsible Sandra Isulu
Trainer Agostino Spolti


Associazione Progetto Ragazzi per l’Unità