28 04/2021


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A website was created to publish the news developed by the teens in each partner countries. As a young person, we often get intimidated and even feel there are not enough resources that are made in the point of view of a person my age. Upon participating in such project, it helps me produce this media where young people can be aware with the world their living in and can relate to

29 03/2021

Double Tutoring

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The teens are followed by an educator that supports them in their personal development, introduce them to global issues, with, however, a deep involvement in the local situation and needs. The events scheduled for the United World Week and Run4Unity (world relay for peace) which would have seen the teenagers involved in various local volunteering activities had to be adapted in a short time. In the countries involved in the Project, the

29 03/2021


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"Design and creation of an online newspaper made by teens for teens”: Mission & Vision of Teens international: how you look at the world everything depends on how you look at the world The establishment of the editorial members and the working tools The work of the editorial members: the toolbox of the journalist Characteristics of journalistic writing New Journo What is Journalism? Journalism to defend democracy Journalism in social media: